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World Animal Protection

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This brief aimed to raise tourists’ awareness of the prolific abuse behind riding elephants, helping to end the suffering of wild animals for the sake of entertainment.

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Agency: BBH
Role: UX Design Lead

Creative Team: Lewis & Fitch
Creative Director: Dom Goldman
Year: 2014

Featured in:
The Guardian
The Drum
The Daily Mail


The Breakdown

I worked on both strategy and UX design for this project. The original concept had multiple strands; we were to incorporate a live, dynamic, visual representation of the impact users were having on this cause through both their monetary donations, and their interaction with the campaign website. The site had to educate and motivate users by clever strateigic intervention in the early stages of the holiday planning process, rather than blatant shock tactics. To do this, I helped develop both the self-funding campaign model based around search results and ad buying, plus the real-time data visualisation of the imact the campaign was having.

The donation form was another element given careful UX consideration in order to minimise complexity and maximise trust and transparency.

Case Study Film
Before They Book Strategy Image
The Strategy

This award winning project for World Animal Protection was created to intercept and educate tourists searching for information on booking elephant rides during their holidays. Unknowing users were served our fake “Authentic Elephant Rides” website in the search results. Once on the fake site, they were shown the truth about animal tourism and then encouraged to donate and share the video, which in turn kept the video at the top of Google’s search results. The campaign’s main website also used live data to show how many people had been educated.

Before They Book Journey Image
The User Journey

The user journey followed two paths: that which started with the unaware tourist who searched for info on elephant rides, and animal lovers who shared the video content we created to educate tourists on the reality of elephant rides. They both led to education of more and more people who were previously unaware, as well as encouraging donations to keep the campaign running.

Before They Book Wireframes
Example Wireframes

These wireframes show distinct parts of the interactive landing page, including an expanded drawer element which opened to reveal the donation functionality. This was tricky as it involved studying certain psychological and trust elements around donating money. It was important to make the process easy and transparent, as well as simple to share.

Before They Book Devices