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Colonel's Club

KFC's needed a web presence for its membership scheme, the Colonel's Club. The content needed to integrate with their existing loyalty app, and how the scheme works needed to be communicated simply and clearly to both new and existing users.

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Agency: BBH
Role: UX Design Lead

Year: 2014

The Breakdown

I started this project by familiarising myself with the current iteration of Colonel's Club, and the versions of the club that had been launched in other territories. The client wanted this project to be based on what had come before, but with improved functionality and flexibility, and a look and feel that was better matched with the overarching brand guidelines.

The bulk of the work was in creating detailed annotated wireframes for responsive content that fit into the current website and functionality that integrated into the current framework of the original loyalty app, with some adjustments.

KFC wireframes 1
KFC wireframes 2
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